Vorschau der Website von IBB Graz.

IBB Graz

Branding · Website · Copy · Ongoing Support

In their work with stressed family systems, IBB Graz performs a task that is as important as it is sensitive. Together we have developed a website that makes their work understandable, explains methods and takes away fears.


Photos: Stiefkind Fotografie and Moma

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Vorschau der Website von Marry Photography.

Marry Photography

Website · Marketing Collateral · Ongoing Support

In the world of wedding photography, trust counts above all else. With Maria “Mary” Taferner, we design a website that gives customers certainty that they are in good hands. With a selection of large-scale images, Mary demonstrates her skills and provides clients quick ways to connect with her.

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Vorschau der Website von Charly Blaha.

Mrs. Happy Superfood

Web Shop · Copy · Ongoing Support

To launch her new superfood brand, Mrs. Happy asked us to create a tasteful web shop for her. Starting late 2023, this is the place to discover her blends and have them delivered right to your doorstep.


Branding and initial copy: von Freunden

Photos: Maria Taferner

Online from late 2023
Vorschau des Web-Shop von Mrs. Happy Superfood.

Charly Blaha

Website · Ongoing Support

Musician and music cabaret artist Charly Blaha has asked us to provide him with a platform for his diverse creative work. Together, we are developing a site that invites you to discover his various programs and offers a place to browse for organizers and visitors alike.


Photos: Christoph F. Schmid

Online from late 2023