Digital products which live up to their content, respect people and stand the test of time.
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The Tüftlerei is a small digital workshop from Graz. We are convinced that form and function should live in unison, that the time and privacy of users should be respected and that durability is a sign of quality.

How We Work

Open Process

Our process invites you to be part of it. As one of the team, you complement our technical expertise with an understanding of your business. This creates results we are proud to release into the world.

Small Team, Fine Team

With us come the advantages of a small team: speed, agility and responsibility. When talking to us, you are always talking to those who do the work - where Tüftlerei is on the box, our work is inside.

Long-term Support

Technical projects need maintenance and your personal goals may change: We are there to keep your project up-to-date, both technically and in terms of content. We have long-standing relationships with many of our customers and they appreciate the resulting peace of mind.

Our Clients

  • University of Graz

  • DCCS

  • MetisFortis

  • Mörz Naturstein

  • Arian

  • Tanzschule Donchev

  • Floristik Obendrauf

  • IBB Graz

  • Captura Group

  • Marry Photography

  • Heißenberger Immobilien

  • Tint Journal

  • Uni-Buchladen

  • ÖH ServiceCenter

  • Unipress Verlag

  • Charly Blaha